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Coupling analysis and elimination of typical fault

Source: | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Overall vibration symptom

Reason 1, without a solid foundation. 2, the motor coupling pump Center does not meet the installation requirements. 3, rotor dynamic balance imbalances.

Exclude 1, reinforcement Foundation. 2, repurpose, installation, calibration Center. 3, a new rotor dynamic balance.

Symptom bearing temperature too high

Reasons 1 2, bearing damage, low lubricating oil pressure.

Troubleshooting 1 specification, check oil, clean, excessive moisture and, if necessary, oil, or oil changes.

2, check for oil leaks, filter is blocked, take measures to improve the lubricating oil pressure.

Symptom oil temperature too high

Reason 1, regulating valve is not opening properly. 2, oil cooler failure. 3, speed of pump is not working properly.

Elimination 1, check valve, ensure the valve properly. 2, check the oil cooler, oil and water inlet and outlet temperatures are normal, and ensure normal operation of the cooler.

3, check the speed pump export oil, when the pressure is low, it is necessary to clean the oil filter or clean the fuel tank and check of centrifugal pump impeller is damaged.

Symptoms low lubricating oil pressure

Reason 1, lubricant leakage. 2, motor pump oil is too large. 3, lubricate gear pump is damaged.

Exclude methods 1 and solve the leak problem. 2, reduce the main motor or pump fuel supply pipe orifice diameter. 3, repair or replace the gear pump.

Symptom turbine output speed is too low

Reason 1, not enough oil. 2, fusible metal is melted.

Exclude methods 1 and inspection of hydraulic oil into the oil, and when the pressure is low, it is necessary to clean gear oil pump screen or cleaning the tank. 2, replace the fusible plug.

Symptoms of axial vibration

Reason 1, thrust bearing damage. 2, axial force to the coupling of the motor or pump. 3, gear damage

Exclude methods 1, repair or replacement of bearings. 2, address the issue of motor or pump. 3, repair or replace the gear.

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