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Principle of variable speed fluid couplings speed

Source: | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Used machinery in the field of production technology, can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the mechanical work-they can under external mechanical work, complete various production tasks; the other is power-they are other forms of energy into mechanical energy that compensates. Between the engine and machine, typically set gears. When the prime mover when dynamic properties is sufficient to meet the needs of working machinery running, gearing is to transfer power only, engine and machine together. When the prime mover's dynamic characteristics not directly meet the needs of working time, it is necessary to use a special transmission machinery, the dynamic characteristics of the appropriate transform impulse, to meet the need of working machines. Hydraulic fluid power machinery is a special function for transmission. Variable speed fluid coupling is a kind of hydraulic machinery. It has both speed and improve the quality of the transmission function, is listed as a national key new products and energy-saving products, are widely used.

Hydraulic coupling transmission of power capacity is approximately proportional to its degree of liquid-filled cavity. Therefore, changing the cavity filled with liquid, you can adjust the output torque and output speed. In this design, the filling degree of regulation is based on the adjusted Scoop position of. Principle is as follows: when the coupling is, set in the input shaft on the drive gear on the input shaft rotates, driven, gear-driven oil pump spindle rotation, pump will work after cooler cools, the oil out from the box into the Scoop into the oil Chamber in the shell, and then the pump inlet into the working Chamber. Meanwhile, the working liquid in the cavity in the spin loop movement at the same time, through the pump drain holes into tubing and catheter lumen cavity forming a rotating ring. Rotate the ring formed by the spin of pressure head, when Scoop is encountered, the working fluid derived from the Scoop. So manipulated by electric actuator Scoop Shen shrinkage level, you can change the oil duct cavity ring thickness. Because the catheter lumen communicated with the working Chamber, thus changing the cavity filled with liquid, realize stepless speed regulation. Spoon pipe of oil through the oil return links back to the fuel tank. Due to Scoop the oil and pump inlet and outlet coupling of steering-related. Oil pump rotor and Scoop setup directions to adapt and the shift Coupler. That is, first, the spoon head opening direction must be facing the direction of rotation of the catheter lumen oil ring and, secondly, the direction of the arrow on the pump cover must be identical to the motor turning.

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