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Coupling Analysis Of Common Failures

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Coupling PTO shaft itself is cantilevered, and the use of radial thrust bearing, this support structure, at the time of installation, clearance and bevel gear clearance of the bearing should be adjusted to ensure correct meshing. Bearing wear and must be replaced and adjusted. Otherwise, once the gap got bigger, he undermines bevel gear meshing properly, causing additional load, resulting in deterioration of bearing condition, gear teeth, axle bending with Pidgin. If load suddenly overload of work, can be installed on the output shaft Torque limiter or safety coupling. Conveying machine reducer of umbrella gear axis is and liquid couple collection device loaded in with of, structure not reasonable, and weight big, and installation and handling process in the easy collision and caused axis of bent deformation; factory Shi liquid couple collection device only for only for static balance test, in high-speed running Shi, for not balance brings of additional load and axis of vibration, makes axis of work state variable bad. In the fluid coupling in starting, deterioration of the axial stress and stress conditions, resulting in deformation of splines. After burn-motor using hydraulic Coupler, will burn motor accidents, mainly the lack of awareness and use of improper equipment performance; hydraulic coupler input characteristics to determine the operating mode of the electric motor, when running under i=0 conditions, hydraulic Coupler in the oil must be emptied to prevent motor overload and burn for a long time. Due to reasons such as power line is too long, too much voltage drop, lead to changes in motor characteristics curve, motor's long run at lower voltage, rated current is increased, the motor overheating and burning. Oil leakage was sealed due to bad performance, fluid couplings, overload, oil temperature and pressure increase, rapid ageing of the rubber seal, seal gone bad, oil spill making its torque decreases, resulting in starting difficulties.

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