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Coupling Belongs To Mechanical General Parts

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Coupling is a two-axis axial joint and the transmission of torque and movement of the components and has a certain compensation for the two-axis migration, Scrow-on Couplings in order to reduce the vibration of mechanical transmission system, reduce the impact of peak load, coupling should also have a certain buffer damping performance. Couplings sometimes also have overload safety protection. Couplings are part of the general mechanical parts of machinery that are used to connect two axes (active and driven) in different bodies to rotate them together to deliver torque. In the high speed and heavy load power transmission, some couplings have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting. The coupling consists of two halves, which are connected with the active shaft and the driven shaft respectively. Most of the general Power machine with the aid of coupling and working machines, is the mechanical product shafting transmission is the most commonly used joint components. In the late 20th century, domestic and foreign coupling products developed quickly, Scrow-on Couplings in the product design how to choose from a variety of varieties, performance of various couplings to meet the machine requirements of the coupling, for most designers, is always a problem. Commonly used coupling has diaphragm coupling, drum-shaped gear coupling, universal coupling, safety coupling, elastic coupling and snake spring coupling.

In the choice of coupling should be based on the selection of the actual situation and requirements, comprehensive consideration of the above factors, from the existing standard coupling to choose the most suitable for their own needs of the coupling varieties, types and specifications. In general, the existing standard coupling can basically meet the needs of different working conditions.

Because the driving torque and the load moment of the working machine are unstable, Scrow-on Couplings as well as the impact caused by the manufacturing error of the transmission parts and the dynamic load caused by the unbalanced centrifugal inertia force of the parts, the drive shaft is produced mechanical vibration under the variable load (periodic variable load and aperiodic impact load), which will affect the service life and performance of the machine. Destroying the normal working conditions of the instrument and instrument, Scrow-on Couplings and causing the additional dynamic stress to the shafting parts, when the total stress or the alternating stress exceeds the allowable limit, the parts will be damaged or damaged by fatigue. When designing or selecting the coupling of transfer torque and motion, Scrow-on Couplings torsional vibration analysis and calculation should be carried out in order to determine the natural frequency of the shaft system, so as to calculate the critical rotational speed of the power machine, thus calculating the additional load and stress caused by torsional vibration to the shafting and the transmission device. When necessary, the basic principle of the damping and buffering measures is to reasonably match the system's quality, stiffness, damping and the interference force of the size and frequency, so that the transmission device is not in the resonant region of the rotational speed range, or in the operating speed within the range does not appear strong resonance phenomenon. Another effective method is to use the flexible coupling in the shafting, referred to as the high elasticity (sex) coupling, Scrow-on Couplings to reduce the natural frequency of the shafting, and to reduce the torsional vibration amplitude by using its damping characteristics. Coupling varieties, types, a lot of specifications, in the correct understanding of varieties, types, specifications on the basis of their respective concepts, according to the needs of the transmission system to choose the coupling, first from the standard has been formulated for the coupling in the selection, at present, China's national standard and the line standard of more than 10 kinds, the vast majority of these Each coupling has its own characteristics and applicable scope, basically can meet the needs of a variety of working conditions, in general, designers do not have to design their own couplings, only in the existing standard coupling can not meet the needs of the design of the coupling. The standard coupling is convenient to purchase, the price is much cheaper than the non-standard coupling designed by itself. In many standard couplings, the correct choice suitable for their own needs of the best coupling, related to mechanical products shafting transmission performance, reliability, service life, vibration, noise, energy saving, transmission efficiency, transmission accuracy, economy and a series of problems, Scrow-on Couplings but also related to the quality of mechanical products.

Design personnel in the choice of coupling should be based on the axis of transmission system from the angle of the need to select the coupling, should be avoided only the main, from the dynamic end of the joint selection coupling.

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