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Coupling Specific Buffer Function

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Couplings are connected to two axes or shafts and rotary parts, in the transmission of torque and movement together with the rotation without turning off a device, the transmission process does not change the direction of rotation and torque size.

Couplings can be divided into: rigid coupling, flexible coupling, safety coupling.

Rigid coupling effect:

Is to connect the two-axis transmission torque or movement, no other function, Scrow-on Couplings this type of coupling on the two-axis of the relatively high requirements, but the structure is simple and easy to manufacture the price of natural cheap.

Flexible Coupling: It has the function of compensating the relative offset and shock absorption and cushioning of the coupling.

Safety Couplings: Overload Safety Protection

General power machine mostly by means of coupling and working machine connected. Scrow-on Couplings In short a word: as long as the axis and shaft connection, almost all use the coupling.

Coupling is the two shafts are connected axially and transmit torque and movement of the components and has a certain ability to compensate for the two-axis offset, in order to reduce the mechanical transmission system vibration, reduce the impact of peak load, the coupling should also have a certain Of the buffer damping performance. Couplings sometimes also have overload safety protection. Couplings belong to the category of mechanical universal parts, Scrow-on Couplings which are used to connect two shafts (master and driven shafts) in different mechanisms to coaxially rotate the mechanical parts that transmit torque. In the high-speed heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the role of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft. The coupling consists of two halves, Scrow-on Couplings which are connected to the drive shaft and the slave shaft, respectively. General power machine mostly by means of coupling and working machine connected to the mechanical products is the most commonly used shaft transmission parts. In the late 20th century, domestic and foreign coupling products developed rapidly, in the product design from the variety of different performance of various couplings to meet the requirements of the machine to meet the coupling, Scrow-on Couplings for most designers, Is always a troubled problem. Common coupling with diaphragm coupling, drum-type gear coupling, universal coupling, safety coupling, flexible coupling and serpentine spring coupling.

The type of coupling

Couplings connected to the two axes, due to manufacturing and installation errors, post-load deformation and temperature changes, etc., will cause the relative change in the position of the two axes, often can not guarantee a strict alignment. According to whether the coupling elastic components, Scrow-on Couplings the relative displacement of the relative displacement capability, that is, whether the relative displacement conditions to maintain the connection function and the use of coupling, coupling can be divided into rigid coupling, Flexible couplings and safety couplings. The main types of couplings, features and their role in the role of the category in the transmission system

Rigid couplings can only transmit movement and torque, Scrow-on Couplings do not have other features, including flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamping shell coupling

Flexible coupling flexible components of the elastic coupling, not only can transmit movement and torque, but also have different degrees of axial, radial, angular compensation performance, including gear coupling, universal coupling , Chain coupling, slider coupling and so on

Flexible components with flexible components, can transmit movement and torque; have different degrees of axial, radial, angular compensation performance; also has varying degrees of vibration, cushioning, improve the performance of the drive system include Various non-metallic elastic components Flexible coupling and metal elastic components Flexible coupling, a variety of flexible coupling structure is different, Scrow-on Couplings the difference is large, the role of the transmission system is not the same

Safety coupling transmission movement and torque, overload safety protection. Flexible safety coupling also has different degrees of compensation performance, including pin-type, friction, magnetic powder, centrifugal, hydraulic and other safety coupling

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