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Energy Saving Concept Of Hydraulic Valve

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

The role of hydraulic valve: used to reduce and stabilize the system in a branch of the oil pressure, often used in clamping, control, lubrication and other circuit. There are direct type, pilot type and superposition type.

Hydraulic valves are commonly used in industry as an automatic component of pressure control, the hydraulic valve works mainly by the internal pressure oil control, may through with the pressure valve's cooperation to carry on the comparison long-distance water and electricity pipeline control, Hydraulic Valves at present the market commonly has two kinds mainly, the direct movement type and the forerunner type. What is the working principle of the hydraulic valve?

Hydraulic valve is mainly used to control the hydraulic system of liquid pressure and flow, in the hydraulic valve control can be the pressure and flow direction to make more accurate control. What is the working principle of the hydraulic valve? Mainly through the programmable control system to make the central link of the equipment, Hydraulic Valves in the operation of the time is carried out through the program to operate, in the use of PLC data can be changed to achieve better control effect.

Hydraulic valve Working principle is mainly used in the electrical operation and the implementation of components, in the work can play a good stability, for different customer needs can carry out supporting workpiece control, for equipment working parameters can also be extended arbitrarily to meet the requirements of a more than one machine. The equipment can quickly eliminate some faults through the perfect self diagnosis system, Hydraulic Valves especially through the display of dynamic waveform, the error of workpiece dimension and the Burr defect on the surface can be analyzed quickly.

What are the features of the hydraulic valve?

First, the efficient electromagnetic action can be achieved. The built-in push rod can quickly play a buffer effect, under the action of high pressure can still ensure a smooth and silent operation, Hydraulic Valves and the device is equipped with a sliding core, can quickly eliminate the friction between the putter because of the leakage of oil.

Second, the valve body of the hydraulic valve most uses is the special design, may let the internal resistance be smaller, thus enables the energy to obtain the efficient utilization, Hydraulic Valves and now the energy saving idea is very consistent, therefore receives the more people the esteem.

Third, the hydraulic valve can be controlled by the oil temperature to reduce the equipment failure, thus saving most of the maintenance costs, because the internal temperature through the intelligent system control in a reliable range, so not because the heat is too high to appear processing accuracy errors.

Hydraulic valve working principle and hydraulic valve characteristics in the above has made a comprehensive introduction, hydraulic valve installed is also very convenient, Hydraulic Valves most of the screws are fixed in the way the problem can be quickly disassembled, equipment inside the electrical wiring reserved space is relatively large, can be more testing and wiring, the junction also carried out a waterproof and dustproof treatment can ensure the long-term use of equipment without fault.

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