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How To Repair A Hydraulic Coupler?

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Hydraulic Coupler is based on hydraulic power transmission device, due to oil pressure no grade restriction, it is a stepless shaft coupling.

In a modern power plant, boiler pressure and higher, to overcome the resistance of steam-water flow, requires increasingly high pressure pump. Therefore, driving high speed feed water pump of power demand will be greater. For economic operation, the best approach is based on the variable-speed control to adapt to changes in operating conditions.

Among them, the a method is the use of direct transmission of small steam turbine-driven feed-water pump, but when this method unit ignition starting condition standby steam source is required to adapt to the needs of institutional settings are more complex. Another method is the use of hydraulic coupler to changing the pump speed to meet the starting condition of the unit.

Such, while can greatly reduced electric to pump of motor configuration Yu volume, makes water pump can in smaller of speed than Xia up moving; on the not appeared set speed electric pump in unit unit up moving Shi needed throttle buck to adapted workers condition needs of situation, improve has unit of economic sex, and avoid has high pressure valve for throttle caused in short time within that for scour, and wear and scrap of phenomenon so said, used liquid couple collection device is a compared ideal of method.

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