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Hydraulic Couplings Are Highly Reliable

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

The hydraulic coupling works smoothly and reliably, can be stepless speed regulation in a wide range, from the lubrication, can make the power machine without load start. Power transmission speed is equal to the pump speed, the transmission efficiency of 95 --- 97%, when the pump speed reduced to 25 --- 30%, the transmission efficiency of 68 --- 70%, in the automatic control of the pumping station, stop Pump is often due to the inertia of the pump and the tube of water back caused by the role of water hammer. However, Hydraulic Couplings the use of this structure, the need to add another hydraulic coupling and its internal oil-filled, if the use of hydraulic coupling, you can reduce the water hammer (or water) pump (or pump) coupling oil cooler and other equipment, fear

Hydraulic Couplings Shaft preparation is easy. No need for device keyway, no cone and thrust ring. When installing the hydraulic coupling, the tapered outer diameter of the thin inner sleeve will slide into the bearing. The outer sleeve is thicker and the inner tapered surface can fit the inner sleeve. And then between the inside and outside the two sets of ordinary mineral oil into the oil. The built-in hydraulic lifting device drives the outer sleeve to be connected to the tapered portion of the inner sleeve.

When the outer sleeve is finally in place, an interference fit is formed - the process is contracted as if it were thermally expanded. But in fact does not need to heat, and the removal of the coupling and installation as simple as possible.

This powerful frictional force allows the hydraulic coupling to transmit torque and axial loads to the entire bearing area. Keyhole No stress concentration source. When there is a high-speed vibration or reverse load, there will be no fretting wear.

Large-scale coupling, before only by heating expansion shrinkage method to install, Hydraulic Couplings can now use the hydraulic method for cold installation.

The inner and outer circumferential surfaces of the inner sleeve and the inner peripheral surface of the outer sleeve are conical, and the inner taper surface of the outer casing is provided with an oil groove, and the outer peripheral surface of the outer casing is provided with a An oil port having an internal thread penetrating the jacket wall and communicating with the oil groove, Hydraulic Couplings wherein the internal thread is provided with an internal thread, and the countersunk head is installed in the oil port, The outer end face of the sealing ring is located within the port. Effectively prevent the use of the process due to the high-speed rotation of the shaft will be countersunk head plug thrown out of the phenomenon, in the use of deep sea, but also to prevent the sea along the oil port of the internal screw into the coupling inside, The role of security risks reduced, improved reliability.

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