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Hydraulic Valve Cleaning Skills

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Hydraulic valve is a commonly used in the industry through the pressure control of the automation components, hydraulic valve work by the internal pressure of the oil control, with the valve with the pressure to compare the long-distance control of the water and electricity pipeline, the current Commonly on the market there are two, direct-action and pilot type. What is the working principle of hydraulic valve?

Hydraulic valve is mainly used to control the hydraulic system in the liquid pressure and flow in the hydraulic valve control when the pressure and flow can be made to the more precise control. What is the working principle of the hydraulic valve? Mainly through the programmable control system to make the center of the device, when the operation is through the implementation of the program to operate in the use of the PLC data can be changed through the better Control effect.

The working principle of the hydraulic valve is mainly used in electrical operation and the implementation of components with Hydraulic Valves the work of the time can play a good stability for the needs of different customers can be supporting the workpiece control, for the equipment operating parameters can also be any expansion Which can meet the requirements of a multi-purpose machine. Hydraulic Valves Equipment through the perfect self-diagnosis system can quickly remove some of the failure, especially through the dynamic waveform display can quickly analyze the workpiece size error and the surface of the burr defects.

What are the characteristics of the hydraulic valve?

First, you can achieve efficient electromagnetic action. Hydraulic Valves The device built-in fader can quickly play the effect of cushioning, under the action of high pressure can still ensure smooth operation, and the internal device is to have a sliding core, you can quickly eliminate the fader due to friction caused Oil spill.

Second, the valve body of the hydraulic valve is used in most of the special design, you can let the internal impedance is smaller, so that energy is efficient use, Hydraulic Valves and now the energy-saving concept is very consistent, so by more people Respected.

Third, the hydraulic valve can reduce the equipment failure by controlling the oil temperature, thus saving most of the maintenance costs, because the internal temperature through the intelligent system control in a reliable range, so not because of high heat and processing Accuracy of the error. Hydraulic valve works and hydraulic valve characteristics in the above has been made a comprehensive introduction, the hydraulic valve is also very convenient to install, most of the use of screws are fixed when the problem can be quickly disassembly, Hydraulic Valves equipment Of the electrical wiring to reserve the space is relatively large, can be more aspects of testing and wiring, Hydraulic Valves the wiring has also been a waterproof and dustproof treatment to ensure long-term use of equipment without failure.

How to clean the hydraulic valve

Cleaning method:

(1) disassembly.

Although the hydraulic valve between the various parts of the bolt connection, but the hydraulic valve design is for non-demolition, if there is no special equipment or professional technology, Hydraulic Valves forced dismantling is likely to cause damage to the hydraulic valve. So before the demolition of the hydraulic valve to grasp the structure and the connection between the parts, the demolition of the record when the location of the relationship between the parts.

(2) check clean up.

Check the valve body, spool and other parts of the dirt deposition, Hydraulic Valves without damage to the surface under the premise of the use of cotton yarn, brush, non-metallic scraper to clear the concentration of dirt.

(3) rough wash.

The valve body, spool and other parts on the cleaning tank tray, heating soaking, the compressed air into the bottom of the cleaning tank, through the bubble stirring effect, cleaning residual dirt, conditional can be used ultrasonic cleaning.

(4) fine washing.

With high pressure cleaning cleaning liquid cleaning, Hydraulic Valves and finally dry with hot air. Conditional enterprises can use existing cleaning agents, individual occasions can also use organic cleaning agents such as diesel, gasoline.

(5) assembly.

Depending on the assembly of the hydraulic valve assembly or the parts assembled during the assembly, the assembly should be careful not to touch the parts. The original sealing material is easily damaged during disassembly and should be replaced at assembly time.

Cleaning Note:

(1) for the hydraulic valve deposition time is long, paste a solid dirt, Hydraulic Valves clean up do not scratch with the surface.

(2) attention to safety when heated. Some inorganic cleaning solution is toxic, heat and volatile can be poisoned, should be used with caution; Hydraulic Valves organic cleaning solution flammable, Hydraulic Valves pay attention to fire.

(3 select the cleaning fluid, pay attention to its corrosive, to avoid corrosion of the valve body

(4) After cleaning the parts should pay attention to preservation, to avoid corrosion or re-pollution (5) assembled with a good hydraulic valve to be tested before they can be put into use.

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