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Limited Use And Maintenance Of Filling Fluid Coupling

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

(1) hydraulic coupler used to install Web Shield, and to ensure ventilation and heat dissipation.

(2) no reverse sharply. Theoretically Coupler can be positive, but a sharp reverse, is damaged by too much inertia force couplers connecting parts should comply with strict rules, avoiding the pros and cons of turning sharply, especially in the tower cranes or overhead cranes on the host using a fluid coupling to pay special attention to this point.

(3) the output shaft of hydraulic torque converter steering and turn the motor shaft the same should check the motor turning on first test whether it meets the requirements.

(4) check motor shaft (motor) shaft and work (such as reducer) installed concentricity precision and correction to ensure it runs smoothly.

(5) periodically check the motor, install the rigid to avoid early damage caused by the shock wave and coupler.

(6) periodically check the flexible coupling elastic or elastic wear, and change them regularly.

(7) are not allowed to disassemble the coupling housing, so as not to damage the seal and balancing accuracy and cause accidents.

(8) do not allow media coupler into the oil filling medium.

(9) do not allow random filling, more does not allow full, should be strictly in accordance with manual filling.

(10) continuous operation, the hydraulic coupler working temperature must not exceed 90 degrees.

(11) regular (every 3,000 hours) should check the quality of oil, if oil goes bad and should be replaced immediately.

(12) the fusible plugs in fusible alloy melting point 120 ± 5 ℃, if a failure occurs working fluid temperatures, melt the fusible alloy, liquid spraying out of work. You should troubleshoot, re-filling and replacement of the fusible plug. Attention: never use metal solid screw plug (or add their own lead, Tin and other metals) replaced the fusible plug.

(13) in the bearing cavity Coupler, the factory is filled with grease in the bearing cavity (commonly known as glycerol). When the coupler is running in the process of fever due to the bearing grease leakage, it's not coupler medium leakage, should pay attention to the difference. This lubrication method, change the grease accumulated 6-9 months.

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