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Proper Use Of Limited-moment Fluid Coupling Method

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

First, why limited-moment fluid coupling operation must be run at any time to check?

Limited-moment fluid coupling various exceptions may occur at any time during operation. If you can detect and resolve these unusual circumstances, can reduce accident losses, reduce downtime, and reduce maintenance costs. For example, limited-moment fluid coupling in operation if the vibration and noise, staff not found in time, will complete damage of the bearings and bearing damage broken bearing retainer into the coupling will broke up the impeller cavity, allowing the entire hydraulic coupler scrap. If you can adhere to the inspection system, fault bud just discovered, it will reduce the loss of many.

Second, limited-moment fluid coupling early faults associated with the coupling box and oil is not clean

Limited-moment fluid coupling bearing lubrication and liquid with the same oil, so oil dirt will accelerate wear. Additionally coupling for pumps, valves, piping, cooler on the cleanliness of the oil requirements are relatively high, if the oil is not clean will damage the pumps, valves, pipeline and oil filter, cooler, prevents oil from circulation, coupling does not work. According to statistics 60% or 70% of early failures with hydraulic coupler box and work related to oil is not clean. High extract coupling box and oil cleanliness is very important.

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