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Structure Of Hydraulic Coupling

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

The hydraulic coupling is composed of a transmission pump wheel and a transmission turbine, the shaft connection of the transmission pump wheel and the power machine, and the shaft connection of the transmission turbine and the pump. Before operation in the coupling filled with working liquid (oil or water), the power machine after running the drive pump shaft rotation, then the transmission pump wheel in the liquid due to centrifugal force and was thrown into the cavity, and the liquid pressure in the cavity is greater than the pressure of the transmission turbine, Hydraulic Couplings it is also pressed into the transmission turbine wheel, then the transmission turbine blade is rotated by hydraulic action, thus driving the pump shaft rotation. At the same time, the turbine blade again presses the liquid into the inside of the transmission pump wheel, Hydraulic Couplings so that the liquid circulates in the cavity and transmits energy continuously.

The core parts of the hydraulic coupling are composed of a coupling sleeve, a shearing ring, a safety pipe and a pressure oil, for the combination of the hydraulic coupling and the drum type gear coupling, the coupling sleeve 1 is a sealed double-layer sleeve, in which the outer diameter is connected with the drive shaft and the hub inner hole respectively. The pressure oil is injected into the coupling sleeve by the injection port through the manual high-pressure oil pump, then screwed tightly in the coupling sleeve on the safety tube 2, and the high-pressure oil 3 is sealed in the coupling sleeve. Under the action of oil pressure, the inner and outer diameter of the coupling sleeve is locked with the drive shaft and hub, and the transfer of the frictional force in the work is proportional to the pressure in the cavity. The size of the oil pressure in the cavity can be controlled by the manual high-pressure oil pump during installation. When the oil pressure is given, Hydraulic Couplings the limit value (called sliding torque) of the torque that can be transmitted is fixed. During the working process, when the working torque is greater than the sliding torque, the relative sliding between the coupling sleeve and the drive shaft is the top of the safety pipe is connected with the axial shear Ring 4 shear, the coupling sleeve cavity pressure oil quickly leaked out, the oil pressure disappeared, the coupling sleeve and the shaft between the relative sliding, torque transmission interruption played a safe protection function. Hydraulic Couplings After replacing the safety tube and injecting the pressure oil again, it will be able to work again.

The safety element of the hydraulic coupling is not affected by the fatigue factor, and the driving torque stability is set. When the overload time is short (20ms or so), the protection performance is safe and reliable; by adjusting the injected oil pressure, the accurate overload protection torque value can be set, the replacement safety tube is convenient, the auxiliary working hours are shortened, the structure is compact, the quality is small, and it is easy to combine with other transmission

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