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The Efficiency Of The Coupling

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

The coupling function is used to connect two shafts (master and driven shafts) in different mechanisms to coax and transmit torque. Some couplings also have the effect of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shaft The

The coupling consists of two halves, which are connected to the drive shaft and the slave shaft, respectively. General power machine mostly by means of coupling and work machine connected to the mechanical products is the most commonly used shaft transmission parts. Scrow-on Couplings Common coupling with diaphragm coupling, tooth coupling, plum coupling, slider coupling, drum-type gear coupling, universal coupling, safety coupling, Scrow-on Couplings flexible coupling And snake spring coupling.

Coupling function and type

Function: When the shaft and the shaft to connect to transmit power, the general use of pulley or gear to do the connection, but if the two axes to be in a straight line and requires constant speed rotation, you must use the coupling to connect. And because of the accuracy of the shaft, the axis of the thermal expansion or the operation of the axis of bending, etc., will make the concentricity between the two axes change, Scrow-on Couplings so the flexible coupling can be used as a bridge to maintain the power between the two shafts to reach and absorb two Axis between the radial, angular and axial deviation, thereby extending the life of the machine to improve the quality of machinery.

Couplings according to different use of the environment and the use of conditions, Scrow-on Couplings it plays the function and value is not the same.

The fixed coupling is mainly used where the two shafts are strictly centered and do not undergo relative displacement in the work. The movable coupling is mainly used for areas where the two axes are deflected or have a relative displacement in the work.

The coupling is used to connect the shafts in different mechanisms, mainly by rotating, so as to achieve the transmission torque. In the role of high-speed power, the coupling has a buffer, Scrow-on Couplings shock absorption function, the coupling has a better life and work efficiency protection. But for ordinary people, the coupling is a very strange product, for those who want to understand its users, where should start to understand it? What is the role of coupling? How does it realize its value?

Coupling a wide range, according to the relative position and position of the two axes connected to the situation, can be divided into:

1, fixed coupling: mainly for the two shafts require strict alignment and in the work does not occur relative displacement of the place, the structure is generally simple, easy to manufacture, Scrow-on Couplings and the two shaft instantaneous speed of the same, mainly flange coupling , Sleeve coupling, clip shell coupling, and so on.

2, the movable coupling: mainly used for the two axes are skewed or in the work of the relative displacement of the place, according to the method of compensation displacement can be divided into rigid and flexible coupling coupling Device.

① rigid transfer coupling: the use of coupling between the working parts of the dynamic connection with a direction or direction of movement to compensate, Scrow-on Couplings such as dental joint coupling (allowing axial displacement), cross groove Couplings (used to connect two axes with parallel displacement or angular displacement very small), universal coupling (for large shafts with large skew angles or larger angular displacement at work), gears Shaft (allowing integrated displacement), chain coupling (allowing radial displacement), and so on.

② elastic shift coupling: the elastic deformation of the elastic components to compensate for the deflection and displacement of the two axes, while the elastic components also have a buffer and vibration performance, such as serpentine spring coupling, radial multi-layer leaf spring Coupling, Scrow-on Couplings elastic ring bolt pin coupling, nylon bolt pin coupling, rubber sleeve coupling, and so on. Some of the couplings have been standardized. Select the appropriate type should be selected according to the work requirements, and then calculate the torque and speed according to the diameter of the shaft, and then from the relevant manual to find the applicable model, Scrow-on Couplings and finally for some of the key parts of the necessary checks.

Coupling is a kind of equipment with easy installation, easy to use, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and other characteristics of the equipment, with its work in the show strong work ability, many experts and scholars have begun to pay attention to the development of such products, Believe that in the future, the coupling will achieve greater value.

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