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The Hydraulic Coupling Has Anti-fatigue

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

The hydraulic coupling is composed of a transmission pump wheel and a transmission turbine wheel, as shown in Figure, the transmission pump wheel 1 and the shaft of the power machine, Hydraulic Couplings the transmission turbine wheel 2 and the pump shaft.

The outer surface of the outer sleeve is a soft nitriding treatment surface, which is divided into three layers, and the outer surface of the inner sleeve is divided into three layers, Followed by the alloy nitrogen carbon compound layer, the diffusion layer and the substrate layer. Hydraulic Couplings The hydrostatic treatment of the inner sleeve of the hydraulic coupling can realize the nitrogen and carbon permeation of the inner sleeve, Hydraulic Couplings thus changing the surface property, the dry friction coefficient can reach 0.4-0.65, and has high anti-bite, Injury, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance.

Hydraulic couplings work smoothly and reliably, in a wide range of stepless speed regulation, from the lubrication, can make the power machine without load start. Power transmission speed is equal to the pump speed, the transmission efficiency of 95 --- 97%, when the pump speed reduced to 25 --- 30%, the transmission efficiency of 68 --- 70%, in the automatic control of the pumping station, Hydraulic Couplings stop Pump is often due to the inertia of the pump and the tube water back caused by the role of water hammer. However, the use of this structure, the need to add another hydraulic coupling and its internal oil-filled, if the use of hydraulic coupling, Hydraulic Couplings you can reduce the water hammer (or water) pump (or pump) coupling oil cooler and other equipment, fear

The hydraulic coupling can have the advantages of small size, large torque, light weight and low manufacturing cost, and can realize a satisfactory hydraulic coupling which can be reassembled repeatedly.

The core part of the hydraulic coupling is composed of connecting sleeve, shearing ring, safety pipe and pressure oil. When the hydraulic coupling is operated, Hydraulic Couplings the safety element is not affected by the fatigue factor, and the transmission torque is set to be stable. 20ms), the protection performance is safe and reliable; by adjusting the size of the injection oil can be set to accurately overload protection torque value; Hydraulic Couplings replace the safety tube to facilitate and shorten the auxiliary working hours; compact structure, low quality, easy to use in combination with other transmission parts.

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