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The Maintenance Method Of Fluid Coupling Used

Ningbo E.H Hydraulic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2016

Hydraulic Coupler in the run 20000h or 5 years should be overhauled, to its disassembly and reassembly of the basic steps are as follows:

1 emptying oil following the steps:

1) open the oil strainer and check and clean.

2) remove coupling, and check.

3) check that the input shaft, output shaft runout.

4) from the box remove the sliding regulator and transmission lever.

5) remove the auxiliary oil pump and motor.

6) disconnect the auxiliary oil pump and motor.

2 remove and hang after opening the lid, check the meshing of gears.

3 remove the input shaft and rotor after the collapse of steps:

1) check the pump and turbine (leaf resonance testing).

2) check the bearing conditions measuring bearing clearance.

3) check the Scoop mechanism of wear.

4) check the fusible plug, if necessary, replace with new parts.

5) anew after shave Bush returned it (grinding shaft, if necessary).

6) clean up oils and dirt accumulation within rotating shell.

4 seal Paint Sealant (resistant to temperature of 130 ° c).

5 reassemble the rotor.

6 cleaning the tank, box seat and lid.

7 adding the input shaft and the rotor back on the box.

8 loading and fastened good box cover for the procedure:

1) installed auxiliary oil pump and motor.

2) back to the installed auxiliary working oil pump and motor.

9 mount the sliding regulator and lubricated.

10 check the coupling with the drive motor, pump, and completes the record.

11 cleaning and checking oil cooler after the pressure test.

12 oil tank and oil cooler irrigation to the required position.

13 after completing the above and check the thermal meter working properly, you can carry out commissioning. In turn should check out the following cases:

1) starting the standby pump, it works correctly.

2) when the oil pressure is above 0. 25MPa, work oil into the oil cooler pump, extra work should be disconnected.

3) start emergency bearing oil pump, lubricating oil pressure could reach the limit of 0. 25MPa 。

14 in the process of commissioning should check for the following conditions:

1) auscultation gear if there is abnormal impact, noise or vibration.

2) check the bearing temperature must not exceed 70 ℃.

3) check the bearings, gear lubricating oil inlet temperature must not exceed 45~50℃.

4) check the oil temperature shall not exceed 75 ° c coupling.

In the cooling water of the oil cooler is high and when the slip, allowing working temperature for a short time in the run up to 110 degrees centigrade.

5) check the oil temperature in the tank should not exceed 55 degrees Celsius.

6) every 4H to raise the coupler load rated load 25% until after the fluid coupling works at full capacity, the driving motor power is turned off, check the fluid coupling gear teeth meshing and record in long, wide mesh on the percentage of marks.

7) clean the oil filter, check the nature of the sediment deposited on the filter.

8) after the test run is completed, will replace all the oil in the tank is clean.

9) when an exception is found running gear, must find out why and be excluded.

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